Template Key

Template Key


Template Key is an alternative to SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUT that defines the same two new tapscript key types (33-byte and 1-byte keys beginning with 1). The new signature hashing modes defined by Template Key are more flexible than traditional signature hashes, but attempt to be easy to reason about and implement. In addition to defining these new hashing modes for tapscript keys, they are specified as behavior for OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY with 33-byte arguments.


This proposal has been specified in BIP Template Key.

Use Cases

Template Key aims to enable everything that APO does, and to satisfy a useful array of other hashed template use-cases which might have been unduly constrained by CTV (or pre-signed APO output covenants). For Ark, it offers hashing modes which include all-but-first input/output.

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